One-on-One Training for QuickBooks

QuickBooks gives you the opportunity to leverage an extremely powerful tool to manage the financial side of your business, as well as provide direction for your company. However, it requires some insight to install and use QuickBooks. In our on-site one-on-one sessions we’ll show you how to install, and use any or all of its functions.

If you are currently using QuickBooks and are having trouble using it the way you want to, or you just wish to know more about it, Intelligenz Business Solutions can help you learn how to use it for the maximum benefit of your business. We provide complete QuickBooks bookkeeping training classes as well as on-site guidance.

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Group Training for QuickBooks

If you are looking to training several people in your organization to use QuickBooks, Intelligenz Business Solutions can set that up for you when it is most convenient for you.

Intelligenz Business Solutions also offers  small business training seminars for owners and managers to learn how to use the various functionality available in QuickBooks. These seminars can be set up through business organizations such as Chambers and will be promoted through our facebook page.

In addition to QuickBooks training for individuals and groups, Intelligenz Business Solutions also provides training for:

  • Business Performance Analysis Program – training to better understand your books
  • Application Training – Implementation or use of apps to help run your business
  • Exact Online Inventory Management Training