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Use Profit First to start bringing home money 

You pay the rent. And you pay the utilities. Of course you pay your taxes.   In addition, you pay your team. 

Above all, you work like a dog and put your heart into your business.  The only thing you don’t do is……pay yourself.

Let us help you. You can learn how to start paying your bills, your team, your taxes and yourself. Most importantly, imagine doing all that AND giving yourself a quarterly bonus! 

You can, with Profit First.

Click on the button below to access your complimentary copy of the core chapters of Profit First courtesy of IntelliGenz Business Solutions.  

Once you’ve had a chance to read them, please feel free to contact us to help you get started paying yourself what you deserve!

know where you stand

Not everyone knows bookkeeping

Most small business owners are really good at what they do.  However, many don’t understand how to manage the finances,

  • Manage payables and receivables
  • Reconcile the bank accounts and credit cards
  • Produce and understand the financial reports

This information isn’t just for your accountant. Your books help you understand what’s working and what isn’t.


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profitability consulting

setup and training for quickbooks

clean up your existing books

evaluate and improve your systems

develop policies and procedures

Write policy and procedure manuals

help develop training for your team


From Our Founder

I’ve Been There

After working for two startups and owning two retail stores of my own, I started IntelliGenz Business Solutions .  Having been a small business owner, I know the joy and the pain it can bring.  I know the long hours and stress on the family when things aren’t going well.  I know how it feels and I am here to help you stop feeling that way.  

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