Putting Your Business On The Road To Success

When you go on vacation, you can travel with no particular place in mind, with no itinerary and no planned accommodations. The problem with this is that you will waste precious vacation time, spend money you didn’t expect to spend, and not achieve what you wanted to. Quickbooks Training It’s the same without having the proper management tools and expertise in place. It’s like driving your business nowhere, wasting money and effort, and not being able to move your business forward.

Do you know…

Quickbooks Training
  • How your business is doing financially?
  • Where your hard earned income is going, or even where your income is coming from?
  • Whether you have more money at the end of the day than when you started the day?
  • What the most profitable part of your business is?
Having this information allows you to know how well your business is doing and where you should concentrate your efforts. It allows you to plan for the future of your business.  And allowing us to be your Profit Guide, lets you spend more time MAKING PROFIT FOR YOU and less time just making money for others.
Not everyone is good with figures, or can make the time to learn and do the work, or can spot “red flags” when they arise. When it comes to your finances you need someone who knows the ins and outs of managing cash flow and someone you can trust. Any bookkeeper can do your taxes and reconcile your books. But how many bookkeepers will also drive profitability in your business? That’s what we do. We are a Profit First certified firm. Whether we teach you to manage your books yourself, or we do it for you, working with IntelliGenz Business Solutions gives you the financial picture that you need to take your business to the next level. We are Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisors and will show you how Quickbooks can help you run your business more efficiently and successfully.  We are Certified Profit First Professionals and will show you how the Profit First system can help you keep the money your business makes.
Start using financial information to grow your business. Call 201-794-0200 and start today! Get a QuickBooks Evaluation Our Services for Business