We are beginning our journey towards helping small business owners end their constant struggle with the fact that they work a million hours and never seem to have anything to show for it. All the vendors get paid, the tax man (hopefully) gets paid and the employees get paid. The only one missing in that list is YOU. If you’re tired of be that gerbil on the wheel and never reaping the rewards of your labor, check out this video.

Soon, IntelliGenz Business Solutions will be available to be your Profit Guide on the journey to a new and more satisfying small business ownership.  If you would like to know more, just click here to sign up to get more information on our Profit First roll-out.

Please know that we value your privacy and will not sell or share your contact information with any other entity and will only use it to contact you regarding our Profit First program.  You may opt out at any time and all contacts will be by e-mail unless you specifically request a phone call.