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How much does that cost?  

  One of the ideas behind Profit First is borrowed from a fitness expert who spoke about how unhealthy the whole “clean your plate club” philosophy is.  In fact, in his book Mike Michalowicz asks himself, “If I reduce the ‘plate size’ of my business’s operating account, will I spend differently?”  By reading his book,… Read more »

Kiss your business

In business, as in the rest of our lives, it is always best to Keep It Simple S….(whatever adjective starting with S you’d like to use).  In reading a book by Justin Harrison called Get Off the Bench, I came across some very interesting and helpful principles about simplicity that I wanted to pass on…. Read more »

Trust but Verify

This phrase, based on an old Russian proverb, was famously used by President Ronald Reagan when signing the INF treaty with Mikhail Gorbachev in 1987.  While it is more poetic than logical, it is somewhat representative of how you should approach the professionals that assist you in running your business.  Unless you want to spend… Read more »

Remember your high school math?

Despite what Peggy Sue said in her Algebra class in the 1986 movie, “Peggy Sue Got Married”, we do use what we learned in high school all the time. One of those things is the Commutative Property which tells us that a+b+c = a+c+b. What does that mean to you? Well look at this equation which all… Read more »